How To Choose Your Tax Filing Status Wisely For 2018 - 2019

Your tax filing status will have a big effect on how your tax refund is estimated. Many factors related to the filing status you choose may hold tax benefits and credits that will change your tax estimate calculation, either for your benefit, or possibly against it. Use our tax refund estimator below to see how different filing statuses effect your taxes.

Tax Refund Estimator

Tax Refund Estimates help keep the stress level down during the tax season which can be a challenge if your uncertain of where your financial liability is with Uncle Sam. Fortunately you can eliminate that uncertainty with a quick and simple tax estimation by using one of the tax refund estimators located below to calculate your income tax liability so that you can keep Uncle Sam happy, and yourself out of trouble with the big man.

With tax refund estimators you don't have to enter personal identification information, just answer some simple questions and fill in your tax year income and your on your way to determining an estimation of your taxes owed or refund amount.

These tax return estimates will give you a fairly accurate picture of your financial obligation which in turn can get you thinking about how to meet it.

Try Our Free Online Federal IRS Income Tax Refund Estimator, It Takes Only Seconds To Use!

Use Our Free Tax Refund Estimator To:

  • Plan smarter with help and knowledge of tax estimator results
  • Use the tax calculator estimation to determine paycheck withholding
  • Find out if you can increase your paycheck and still get a tax refund
  • Calculate annual income taxes to determine quarterly tax payments
  • Stay in touch all year long with your financial tax payment obligations

Use The TurboTax and H&R Block Calculators To:

  • Track deductions and charitable contributions that can lower taxes
  • Calculate in dependant exemptions for income tax adjustments
  • Determine if the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) applies to you
  • Determine your net taxable income and marginal tax rate